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Keeping up with Mago Hair

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...they're the best thing since Posh Spice turned up with hair extensions in 2000 after rocking a pixie cut and the whole world was like "WUUUUUUTTTT???"



All Mago Lovers, have we got news for you! Above quote is a part of review from amazing blogger who had Mago Hair Extensions in the UK!!

Her name is Steph Bannister and her blog, Scouse Bird Problems brings many stories about beauty, fashion, lifestyle and travel~!


Last summer, she had Mago Hair Extensions at salon of Electric Unicorn which is located in Liverpool, UK. This is her first experience to have Mago Hair Extensions, thereafter she published a review under the title of 

"..ZERO Maintenance Knot Hair Extensions - Mago Hair UK review " on her Youtube! 


Ta-da~~~! Check her before & after picture of Mago Hair Extensions! This is a Mago Magic! :)


Keeping up with Mago hair extensions

It has been 6 months since she had extensions. For last 6 months, she has received tremendous questions on Mago Hair Extensions from hairdressers and customers. So she has updated the review on her blogs!

Today, we have brought some questions and answers from her blog. 


Q. What's It Like Having Mago Hair In?

A. ... In fact, for the most part, it's really easy to forget that you have extensions in at all. The bonds are really small so you can tie your hair up without big wefts or rings on display and becuase of the way they attach to your hair you don't really lose them in the same way you do with microrings for example...

Q. What about when they grow out?

A. I got to the point where they'd grown so far down my head (almost 2 inches) that they were starting to annoy me a little bit and I had to keep on top of the shedded hair tangling more often. With Mago hair extensions, they attach to your hair via a little cotton knot (meaning no damage to your own hair wahtsoever), then to remove them you just snip the knot and they slide right out. Becuase you have to cut the knot to remove them, they can't be refitted again using the Mago method. That being said, the hair is expected to still be in decent nick after 6 months so you have 2 options; you can either get it put back in using microrings OR you can buy more Mago hair. I went for the second option becuase I wanted a colour change

Q. Do they hurt?

A. The removal (very much like the installation) was completely pain free and my own hair had grown really long while they were in and it wasn't damaged at all. You can see an example of how Tawny at Electric Unicorn removed them in the video below and how good my own hair was looking.

Q. How are they a second time round?

A. After my colour change but the lovely Kay from purple to a kind of salted caramel balayage. Tawny fitted the brand new Mago hair extensions and now I'm a week on and once again, it just feels like my own hair. There's no headaches or scalp itching or pulling or anything like that.

Q. Are they good?

A. ...I still think they're the best thing since Posh Spice turned up with hair extensions in 2000 after rocking a pixie cut and the whole world was like "WUUUUUUTTT???"

For more detailed review of Mago Hair, please visit below her blogs!

Scouse Bird Problems


We appreciate for all love and support on Mago Hair Extensions from all around the world! We will Keep update other review here, so please subscribe!

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