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Songsan bldg #401, 455 Yeoksam-ro Gangnam-gu


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Mago Demonstration

Handong International

Here is the New version of Mago Demonstration! Let's learn Mago!

  1. Use the loop to insert the hair inside the knot (knot is already made)
  2. Make sure extension is on the left & the string is on the right
  3. Locate the Mago knot on 0.5cm lower than the spot you want it to be attached
  4. Have a firm grip onto the extension and the string
  5. Pull slowly
  6. Remove the string
  7. Voila~! Rocked!
  1. Find a Mago Hair Extension
  2. Put index finger to support the knot and to prevent the hair get cut
  3. Carefully cut the connecting part of the knot and the string
  4. Hold onto the hair root and slightly pull the hair to open the knot
  5. Pop...! Opened!